We Are in the Process of Remodeling


The Center for Family and Community Engagement is changing! While we are still the organization you know and love, we are updating our look. Part of this update involves our name. While we are still the Center for Family and Community Engagement, our acronym has undergone a slight modification. You have known us as CFFACE. As in C “fuh” FACE. We are making things simple for you and dropping that extra “F.” From here on out, you can call us CFACE.

While you will start seeing several changes surrounding our image, one thing will always remain the same: our dedication to those we serve. Revamping our look, and some of our core content, is an on-going process. These updates all serve to better our organization both internally and externally. Be on the look-out for more exciting changes to come!

Oh, by the way… Check us out on both TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. @cfacencstate

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